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Michelle & Majella 


It's only been 6 weeks since the idea for Spinbox Studio was born and we've been very busy day and night getting our studio ready for the big launch at the end of April. The idea of this blog is to take you on our journey which at first seemed like an impossible dream, but as we get closer to our launch we are getting more and more excited because everything is going so well and we are thrilled soon to welcome our first spinning customers.​ We keep thinking that two single women with very little money working in a store might risk it all to pursue this seemingly crazy idea of starting our own business.


Yet here we are and although we've had so many roadblocks along the way, we've clung to the idea that it will happen and kept our strong positive attitudes that have already taken us this far. Our vision for Spinbox Studio is to create a place where people of all fitness levels can come have fun with friends and family and hopefully have the chance to make new friends. We want it to be a welcoming place where there is no judgment about your physical shape or your appearance.


The idea is that we all want to get better and be healthy and why that shouldn't include having fun too. Our classes that we would like to offer will cater to many interests, but the classes that we hope you will enjoy the most will be the weekend and evening classes where we have great music and lights that will allow you to let loose. and rock you or beat the music and have fun.​ This video clip is a little taste of what we imagine we can recreate..... See you soon!


Michelle & Majella


"J’avais très envie de reprendre une activité physique régulière et le spinbox studio a été parfait ! L’ambiance, le dépassement de sois, et la motivation de notre coach Michelle m’ont très vite rendue addict au spinning ! En seulement quelques semaines j’ai vu mes performances augmenter et mon niveau s’améliorer à vue d’œil ! Je recommande vivement a tout le monde pour repousser ses limites avec le sourire 💪🏻💪🏻"


"If you are looking for an expensive, posh, watchme boring gym look away. Spinbox Studio is a box full of fun, professional, well intended & hard-working people who just love to exercise and share good moments with each other. I love the 2 high spirited coaches Michelle and Majella and their way of encouraging me and driving me to do something I hadn’t done in years: take time for me by exercising!! 
Come and see for yourself ;-)"


"Bored of my usual workout routine, I wanted to try something different and stumbled upon Spinbox’s website. I’ve sorta been hooked ever since! It’s a GREAT workout that never fails to make me sweat and feel great about myself. The La Cote area was definitely missing such a fun concept and I’m so happy to have reserved that first class. The music is seriously motivating and gets you going through challenging courses! Michelle is kind, encouraging and always happy to see you have a good time. Couldn’t them more!"



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